Dr. James Rosendwald and Dr. Susan Abdun-Nur

Dr. James F Rosenwald

&  Dr. Susan Abdun-Nur

Mission Statement


Our practice has been well established in Bellevue for very long time serving multiple generations of our patients. We are consistently recognized as “ Seattle’s Best Dentists”. Our patients are like our family. Our doctors love taking Continuing Dental Education in order to provide the best dental care to our patients and to keep us on the cutting edge of today’s dental techniques. Your health, comfort, and smile are our chief concerns.


Both Dr Jim and Dr Susan are certified in the more conservative Bioclear Techniques which preserves more of your nature tooth structure. They both have also instructed at the Bioclear learning center.



To provide each patient the gentlest care to achieve optimum dental health and to provide each patient with the smile they desire. We will listen to you, explain options available to meet your goals, and help you achieve what you want.


OUR MOTTO:  “Tell us what you want, we’re listening.”

Contact Information

1515 – 116th Ave. NE, Suite 305
Bellevue, WA 98004

Phone: 425-454-4040
Fax: 425-454-4497

Email: scheduling@smilebig.com

Repeat Winners of Seattle’s Top Dentist Awards

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